Buyer Protection Policy

Shop with confidence! When you shop from Preezies you are automatically protected with our Buyer Protection Policy. In this policy "BP" stand for Buyer Protection. This "Policy" provides you with the assurance that when you place an order you will receive those goods. If you do not receive those goods, the goods are damaged, or the goods are not as described you have the option to get your money back or you can request a reorder at no charge to you. You cannot do both.


Our Buyer Protection Policy guarantees all Preezies buyers the following:
secure shipping for Preezies pants secure payment for pants on Preezies  Money Back guaranteed, 30 day return, Preezies Pants
Fast Shipping Secure Payment 30 Day Return


If there is a problem with your order we ask that you email us before filling a dispute as we will do our best to resolve the issue as quickly and easily as possible. Please note that this policy will only last 30 days after the purchase date and will not be extended. To use your buyer protection you may email our Customer Care Specialist, Emma Delaney at